Frequently Asked Questions


1) Q-Are you open Sundays?

        A-Yes, we are open everyday
             Except Thanksgiving Day
                and Christmas Day

2) Q-Where are your boats?

        A-Our boats are located right
            behind our shop in our private

3) Q-Do you take snorkelers and divers
         on the same boat?

    A-Yes weather permitting.

4) Q- Are there heads on the boats?

    A- Our 25' Deltas are not equipped
        with heads.

5) Q-How much time do you get in
        the water?

     A- Approximately One (1) hour
         per location.

6) Q-How long does it take to get to

         the reef?

    A-About 45 minutes


7) Q-Can we store our gear at the

    A- Yes we have secure gear
        storage at the shop.
8) Q-What time is check-in?

    A-Thirty minutes prior to departure.

9) Q-I am doing a referral what should
         I expect?

    A- Referrals usually start the first
         morning at 8:30am with
         paperwork, gear fitting and
         surface skills assessment and a
         buoyancy check. Lunch break and
         then an afternoon trip to the reef
         for open water 1 & 2. After
         returning to dock, gear wash and
         storage, complete logbook and
         review the days work. Day 2
         typically starts at 8:00am with
         gear set up and boarding of the
         boat for open water dives 3 & 4.
        After return to the dock, take care
        of gear, logbooks and review of
        skills, and get temp C-Card.
10) Q- Do you dive in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park?
A- Well, to make a long legal answer short, Florida only has jurisdiction to 3 nautical miles to sea. Thus came the need for formation of the Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary. A Nationally protected park. Of which the most well known dive sites are located. Like "The Christ of the Abyss Statue" located on Key Largo Dry Rocks and "Molasses Reef" just to name a few.
11) Q- How do you decide what site you are going to?

      A- We have after 30+ years here decided to let you and the Captain decide where you go.