About Us

We are scuba and snorkeling as it should be

Let us introduce ourselves

Quiescence Diving Services began in 1977 with a vision – escape the crowds and provide a hassle-free dive experience. Forty seven years later, we continue to operate with a maximum of six people on each of our boats and operate as a private charter company. Our captains cater our Scuba Diving and Snorkeling trips to the needs of the customer, focusing trip locations on the desire of the customer instead of a pre-set schedule. With over forty years of Scuba Diving experience, we have found our own signature sites off the beaten trail, which offer new and exciting experiences to new and seasoned divers alike. Captains will assist each diver into their equipment at your point of entry, and personally help you into the water. Your equipment is switched to a fresh cylinder between dives, so that you can enjoy the next amazing dive worry free.

Snorkeling is also quite the experience! This will not be your one-and-done trip. We have a variety of snorkel sites, for new and experienced snorkelers. We cater the trip to your abilities and love to show you what Key Largo has to offer.

Our shop has grown to be Key Largo’s go-to full service scuba facility. We can assist with all of your equipment needs in our on-site scuba repair facility, with access to fourteen different scuba brands. For your convenience, we also offer air and nitrox fills, as will as our on-site cylinder inspection and hydrostatic testing facility.

Quiescence is truly your one-stop shop for diving. Come say “hi” and find out why so many divers call Quiescence their dive home.

What does it mean?

Literally, what you came here to be – in a state of tranquility “no worries”

noun qui·es·cence \kwi-'e-s?n(t)s, kwe-\
Definition of quiescence
: a state of inactivity or repose : tranquilly at rest
: causing no trouble

Personalized Private Service

Individualized attention ensures the best experience for YOU. Each trip is customized according to individual’s needs and desires.

Great Private Tours

We’re not just your average “one and done” kind of place. We can organize sightseeing, eco tours, snorkel safaris, sunset cruises, and more. Have something in mind? Give us a call today and we can put it together ! Yes, we can!

Small Private Groups

All charters are private with a maximum of six guests per charter, you are guaranteed concierge-level treatment for your group. No fumbling around in heavy gear – your equipment is given and changed at your point of entry.

Sites on Demand

Offering over 70 different sites, including premier signature Quiescence locations, each trip is private and tailored to your experience and desire.

Diving Like A Local

A view into your day with Quiescence