Frequently Asked Questions

Do you book charters by individual spots?

No. Quiescence is a private charter only operation. Trips will be only the booking group on board up to a maximum of six passengers. Whether you are a group of one or a group of six a charter is $495 for a half day.

Do you have to be certified to dive?

Non-certified divers can take a one-day “Discover Scuba Diving” course or a three-day “Open Water Course“.

Do you allow diving and snorkeling on the same boats.

On a nice day, diving and snorkeling go hand-in-hand on our reefs. Our reefs are typically 25'-35' in depth to the sand. Much like the fingers on your hand, divers navigate sand channels, and snorkelers enjoy the top of the reef, which can come within 8'-10' from the surface. Mixing divers and snorkelers is weather dependent, as rough sea conditions can make snorkeling difficult.

Do you have trip minimums?

We have no trip minimums, all charters are private up to six passengers. However we will not allow divers to dive alone. Therefore, a single diver will need to hire a private guide.

How long do the trips last?

Morning and Afternoon trips run about four hours. Morning trips will leave at 8:30AM and return around 12:30PM. Afternoon trips will leave at 1:00PM and return around 5:15PM.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a credit card number to hold your reservation, which is not charged ahead of time. We will not charge you if the sea condition is greater than our average 2'-3' sea, and you do not wish to go. We do require a 48 hour cancellation for individual divers, or 1 week cancellation for whole boat charters to avoid a full-price cancellation fee.

Can we dive all day?

Yes you can! While many find diving all day tiring, due to the shallow depths, you have plenty of no-decompression time to dive all day. Please note that you will need to bring a lunch, as there is only about 5 – 10 minutes on the dock in between morning and afternoon trips. Additionally, our 48 hour cancellation policy does apply to the afternoon trip.

What is etiquette for the boat and tipping?

Thank you for asking. There are many guidelines to consider when boat diving, and we have found a helpful article from PADI’s SportDiver Magazine to convey these topics:

Dive Boat Survival & Etiquette

What is provided on board?

We have drinking water on board, and you are free to use our cooler to bring along any drinks or snacks of your choice.

What kind of rental equipment is provided?

Quiescence uses ScubaPro GlideX weight integrated BCDs and ScubaPro MK11/S560 regulators. Our wetsuits are a choice of a 3mm long-sleeve shorty, 3mm farmer-john or a 5mm full suit. We have a range of masks and fins available.

What is the water temperature?

Water temperature is dependent on the time of year. Winter months show temperatures between 70-74F. Spring gradually builds to 80F. Summer months are wonderfully warm, with temperatures between 84-87F. You can click here for real-time water temperature and wind information.

It’s been a while since I’ve been diving. What should I do?

If it has been a while since you have been in the water, you should take either a one-day Refresher Course, or the three-day Open Water E-learning. Another option is to take a pool Refresher Course back home, and hire a guide to help you get comfortable in the ocean again.