• Open Water E-Learning

Open Water E-Learning

Our Open Water certification course is a fun-filled three days, and requires an eLearning study to be completed prior to arrival for class.

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Please contact Quiescence Diving Services for eLearning information, 305.451.2440.

The course will begin at 8:30 AM the first day, where we will meet and greet, complete paperwork, and review the knowledge from your e-learning course. We will finish up with your knowledge review around 12:30 PM, when you will break for lunch. We will meet back at 1:30 PM to begin your confined water training. Students will master equipment, and we will begin your Confined Water (pool) skill circuits. We typically wrap up each day around 6:00 PM.

The second day will be even more exciting! We will begin again at 8:30 AM. Students will review equipment setup, and we will continue our progress in Confined Water scuba skills. We will break for lunch at 11:30 AM, and return at 12:30 PM for diving in the ocean that afternoon! These dives will cover your Open Water skills dives 1 & 2 out of your four required Open Water dives. Key Largo is a great place to learn how to dive in the Open Water, as we have relatively shallow reefs, between 25’-35’ in depth. The second day will conclude with logging your dives, typically around 6:00 PM.

The class will conclude on the third day, which is structured similar to the second. Students will review and progress further in Confined Water training beginning at 8:30 AM. We will break for lunch around 11:30, and return at 12:30 to continue our adventures in the Open Water. We will complete dives 3 & 4 of your required four dives. We will conclude with logging dives and “graduation” where you will receive your temporary certification cards.

Pricing includes equipment, instruction, four open water dives, and certification processing.


$315 2 or more students

$415 1 student

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