The Way Diving is Meant to Be...

We conduct personalized, diving & snorkeling charters by limiting our number of passengers to six

Some of our most popular courses:

Private Charter Service
Individualized attention ensures the best experience for YOU. Each trip is customized according to individual’s needs and desires.

Small Private Groups
With a max of six guests per charter, you are guaranteed concierge-level treatment. No fumbling around in heavy gear – your equipment is given and changed at your point of entry.

Sites on Demand
Offering over 70 different sites, including Quiescence signature locations, each trip is tailored to your experience and desire.

Dive and Snorkel Locations

Schedule and Pricing

Instruction and Referrals

Air and Nitrox Fills

Equipment Repair

Cylinder VIP & Hydrostatic Testing

Where would you like to dive today?